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The Story

Dedicated to the deepest love of all nautical, desire to explore and need to navigate the seas while at the same time choosing right path in life…
Inspired by ancient and nowadays sea and ocean travelers and explorers.
All the way back since ancient times sea travelers, explorers and seamen that in search for their own dreams and luck, while crossing the oceans and seas, then and now, trust only sun, moon, North Star and later in compass. Those were the only tools that they could rely on.
With that pure inspiration, love and desire, we create and carefully design with great passion something really unique and special.
Unique, elegant genuine Nordic style, simple and strong, timeless symbol that unite it all in one.
Sophisticated and balanced design to its perfection in every detail which is carefully handcrafted in the heart of Sweden.
We use only highest quality materials in every our product, every detail and in whole construction process that will stand strong to the ageing and have great endurance exposed to the elements like sun (UV), water (salt), and time…
Jean Valld is made to inspire, develop and lead all of us while navigating throughout calm and rough seas of everyday life as those powerful symbols did for ages while at the same time is ultimate, stylish and timeless accessory for any occasion.