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Mediterranean Coral 3

Mediterranean Coral is essence of modern, sophisticated yet classic and timeless design. Exclusively made burgundy trim line with white refined details for Jean Valld bracelets together with our carefully handcrafted signature sterling silver make this bracelet truly innovative, unique and ultimate accessory. With its powerful yet elegant color of trim line and matching white whipping knot makes this bracelet  superior and ultimate choice when having chic, self assured, discreet yet unique and recognizable look. This bracelet is ultimate touch of modern luxury, truly one of a kind.


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  • Unisex
  • Pure Sterling silver carefully handcrafted  in Sweden
  • 3 mm line specially designed for Jean Valld, UV resistant/stabilized with special strong materials used in sail racing industry
  • Strong  waxed whipping line with high UV and wear resistance also used in manufacturing strong/racing sails
  • High endurance when exposed to the elements
  • Free from lead and nickel

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